Extremism “the quality or state of being extreme” the act of being extremist in politics, religion, and your personal thoughts. “Extremism” is not a stand-alone characteristic. The attitude or behavior of an “extremist” may be represented as part of a spectrum which ranges from mild interest through “obsession” to “fanaticism” and “extremism”. As we know that being extremist has been prohibited in Islam, but some people are rising from corners with a mindset of extremism.

Then what is extremism in religious?

Extremism, religious mentality fundamentalism, breeds terrorism and constitutes an open door for all forms of extremism. When we close our hearts to others, our eyes are closed to see the beauty of God in them. The message of Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and all over religions is one of love and service to others. If God decides to care and love and feed even those who deny his existence, then who are we to deprive someone else of our love just because he/she is of different color or speaks a different language or is born in a different country or prays to the same God but in a different direction, using different words? Religion may be a personal thing for many, but when we discuss religious freedom, the issue doesn’t remain so personal. Actually, we must know that religion does not ensue in a space. It is, more frequently than not, included in an individual’s assessment system and extremely impacts that individual’s.
Through the campaign of Graffiti by drawing and painting, we are rising this awareness among our people and our country that extremism is another name of hate and violence.

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